Thanks, but NO THANKS

ATTENTION PLEASE: That douchebag? That fuck boy from back east? Yeah, that one - HE'S MY FUCKING FIANCÉ!! The only man who EVER considered me WORTHY & VALUABLE enough to him to get down on ONE knee and ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. The ONLY man who OPENLY cares... Continue Reading →

It Was Never Me

I am done. Done eating. Done caring. Done trying. All I want is for that # on the scale to dive. To numb out. Pretend I'M FINE. Be a better liar. So no one asks, So no one knows. I can't do anything right; Nothing to please. No matter how hard I try, It always... Continue Reading →

Dearest iPhone….

So my reminder went off on my phone a little bit ago (as it usually does for one reason or another about this time of day), and when I looked down at it, the thing told me to write something. "WELLLLLLLLLLL, bossy iPhone, I will.  But not to please you.  I'm doing it in spite... Continue Reading →

Our Bonds

"Do You Know Do you see What is this that you are doing to me? Confused and alone I sought after you. Only to find the path I tread was not the path to you. Where did I turn off? Where did I go wrong? I thought our very bonds were strong. That which connected... Continue Reading →

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