Thanks, but NO THANKS

ATTENTION PLEASE: That douchebag? That fuck boy from back east? Yeah, that one - HE'S MY FUCKING FIANCÉ!! The only man who EVER considered me WORTHY & VALUABLE enough to him to get down on ONE knee and ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. The ONLY man who OPENLY cares... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to Deserve

It seemed like fun, Like something to help me get into better shape, Like something that would help me feel more confident, Like something to help me be a better me.... Or at least like something to help me like me a little more. But then, Well, then.... Then I can't stop. Then I can't... Continue Reading →

This is Fall

Today, I am thankful for Fall..... The light is warm, The shadows are long, The moon is full. This is Fall. Grain bins drying, Crickets chirping, Birds twittering. This is Fall. The cool breeze ruffles, The day is waning, The sun is dying, The night comes on. This is Fall. Golden light turns bright pink,... Continue Reading →

The Right Mind

One important way to draw closer to God and grow deeper in His love is to be Spiritually minded, seeking the mind of Christ. Which mind will you choose to cultivate?

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