Back at the Beginning Again

I heard a saying today that really resonated with me.  A lady in a documentary I was watching gave an excellent example of the  price a person pays in the battle with anorexia.  I paraphrase,  "You don't know it, but the entire time you're giving it to it, you're paying a price.  Not right then... Continue Reading →

Don’t TElL

*****TRIGGER WARNING***** Not that I wanted to begin the year like this, but hey, to my brain, it's just another day.  I have been struggling with some temptations.  Pretty massive temptations.  The consequences thereof, I am not sure I could handle.  I have NOT given in yet, but the guilt and condemnation that prey upon... Continue Reading →


   Day before yesterday I struggled with thoughts of self-harm all day long. Finally on my way home I stopped and poured my thoughts out to my best friend's cellphone.... Yesterday was bad too. Thoughts of the devil telling me to just come back to him because no one else understands, but he does. I... Continue Reading →

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