Shhhhhh….ut Your Mouth

Who's up for some reduction of self in the new year? Me? Oh, Oh! Me! ME!!!!! Fuck me Fuxk my "self" I don't need to be heard Or talkOr matterOr eatOr exist..... I only live to please others Why do I think it's okay to defend myself? Why do I continually perpetuate fights in which... Continue Reading →

There is Safety in Hiding

Decay @Kelsi M. Ozbun So it's been almost a year, again. I've been hiding, and living, but mostly hiding. Today I am hiding. The phone rings, three times now, I think, and I just look at it wondering what the other end of the line could possibly want with me. I am hiding at the... Continue Reading →

Don’t TElL

*****TRIGGER WARNING***** Not that I wanted to begin the year like this, but hey, to my brain, it's just another day.  I have been struggling with some temptations.  Pretty massive temptations.  The consequences thereof, I am not sure I could handle.  I have NOT given in yet, but the guilt and condemnation that prey upon... Continue Reading →


Do you ever just want to be alone? Just left completely to yourself? I am...well, I was going to say struggling, but I am not sure it is actually a struggle...maybe grappling is the word.  I am grappling with the irritation of not being left alone.  I think over the last year of my life... Continue Reading →

Real Beauty Sketches

Has anyone else seen this?  I do not have a TV so I had not seen it until today when I saw it as an advertisement.  This almost brought me to tears because I can totally relate to these woman and their descriptions of themselves. For more information and to see each sketch close up,  follow... Continue Reading →

To Get Away

They were mistaken, I never agreed to their ways, their "laws". All their idiocracies, their desperate attempts to control me only served to undo them. I tried to explain that in the beginning, but not one would listen. I am the way I am for a reason. There is no going back for them, but... Continue Reading →

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