Shhhhhh….ut Your Mouth

Who's up for some reduction of self in the new year? Me? Oh, Oh! Me! ME!!!!! Fuck me Fuxk my "self" I don't need to be heard Or talkOr matterOr eatOr exist..... I only live to please others Why do I think it's okay to defend myself? Why do I continually perpetuate fights in which... Continue Reading →

At A Loss For Words

  I like structure. The grain bins at work are well structured. They fit together like a puzzle and it takes a great force of brute strength or the knowledge of know-how to take them down. Beautifully, intricately laced together pieces of metal. Doesn't seem like it would mean much, but to the creator, it... Continue Reading →

God’s Gift of Power

God gives us the power to forgive. God gives us the power to love. God gives us the power to have compassion. God gives us the power to be determined.      His Power.      HIS POWER. From the Almighty Everything~ Power that NEVER ENDS.       Power that overcomes EVERYthing. God shares that power... Continue Reading →

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