Shhhhhh….ut Your Mouth

Who's up for some reduction of self in the new year? Me? Oh, Oh! Me! ME!!!!! Fuck me Fuxk my "self" I don't need to be heard Or talkOr matterOr eatOr exist..... I only live to please others Why do I think it's okay to defend myself? Why do I continually perpetuate fights in which... Continue Reading →

Thanks, but NO THANKS

ATTENTION PLEASE: That douchebag? That fuck boy from back east? Yeah, that one - HE'S MY FUCKING FIANCÉ!! The only man who EVER considered me WORTHY & VALUABLE enough to him to get down on ONE knee and ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. The ONLY man who OPENLY cares... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts and Ongoings

Skipped DBT, ran by milieu. I'm just done for today. My primary pissed me off. I don't feel like she understands at all and when I try to explain I get responses that feel invalidating to everything I just said. Like, she keeps saying that I have a choice, but I do not feel that... Continue Reading →

Why did I Open My Mouth?

Disorderedly took pamprin (diuretics) Walked in circles in the reception area. Went up the stairs once. Shadow even looked fat today. Stomach sticks out. I feel so gross. Didn't complete breakfast (90%). --Thought it would be less. Hips and feet and ankles hurt. Like really bad. Took flexural & ibuprofen & pamprin, but it's not... Continue Reading →

Be Sure of Your View

  There you stand,Believing your vision is clear because you assume you stand on flat land.Consoled by your thoughts,You think you see,The path set out before you clearly.What you do not see are the kinks and turns,The valleys among the hills,that the path must go through.Step back before you begin.Look. --For a truly clear view.See... Continue Reading →


So today I sit at my desk, beside my little heater, with the weather all windy and rainy and dreary and I love it.  But it makes for a quiet day with not much on the agenda.  I could be reading about the sale or donation of organs for my English II class that began... Continue Reading →

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