Shhhhhh….ut Your Mouth

Who's up for some reduction of self in the new year? Me? Oh, Oh! Me! ME!!!!! Fuck me Fuxk my "self" I don't need to be heard Or talkOr matterOr eatOr exist..... I only live to please others Why do I think it's okay to defend myself? Why do I continually perpetuate fights in which... Continue Reading →

There is Safety in Hiding

Decay @Kelsi M. Ozbun So it's been almost a year, again. I've been hiding, and living, but mostly hiding. Today I am hiding. The phone rings, three times now, I think, and I just look at it wondering what the other end of the line could possibly want with me. I am hiding at the... Continue Reading →


Not a great day mentally for me. ¬†Better than last time, but still feeling overwhelmed and it seems worse today. ¬†Just returned from the Food Show in Omaha, NE, and while there I contemplated getting a tat. Nothing big, just a simple one-liner that would remind me where I am and where I've come from.... Continue Reading →

The Joys of Alienation

As I scrolled through my facebook feed tonight I came across some adorable pictures of my new little nephew.... (PS...I have a Nephew! First boy in our family in like 18 years, literally...Born a week ago Monday).... Posted by my sister (the next eldest after me), who has already informed me that She is going... Continue Reading →

Drowning In The Ocean

A letter from a concerned friend arrived in the mail for me the other day. I read it and re-read it and re-read it again before I knew what to think. I thought the polite thing to do would be to write her back so I got out my prized pen and notebook and started... Continue Reading →

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