Hi there!

Finally after a year (or two or three….) I have decided to combine all of my efforts into one blog.  This may not seem like such a big deal to one, but for me it is massive.  I’ve always had a crafting/homemaking/happy blog and then there was this one, where I talked openly about my struggles with mental illness.  They don’t sound like they belong together do they?

Well, they do.  There is so much more to living than just happiness or just struggling and I want to share that with you.  So welcome to my little piece of cyberspace.  I hope you enjoy some it, hate some of it, and learn from it! ♥♥

There are a few notes below:

If you are new to my site may I suggest you read my “Declaration of Intent” page first after you finish here.

If you are faint-hearted or sensitive in a general way I would caution you as sometimes my posts are rather raw.

If you know me, I hope this helps you to know me a little (or a lot) better.

I do not write untruths here. Everything is my own.

I write because it is a part of me. Also because it helps me cope. To sugarcoat what comes out of my head would be to lie. To say I do not think a certain way or have certain thoughts sometimes because someone won’t like it would be a lie. As I said, I do not write untruths here.

I am not perfect. I am, however, forgiven.

One thought on “START HERE

  1. Dear Kelsi, I couldn’t sleep, so I came to the computer, saw your stunning picture of the clouds above the wheat field, then discovered your blog. I have been reading your thoughts and I am truly amazed by your wonderful God-given ability to write so beautifully and so honestly. You have been, and are still, on an utterly amazing journey with Jesus Christ. I was very concerned when you joined the Mennonite church, but the thought that came to me were perhaps their care and structure was what you needed in your life at that time. They did what they knew how to do and you received some much-needed love. God has also given you such wisdom, and when the time was right and you had matured in your faith, he gave you the courage of your convictions to walk away and be bold enough to speak the truth and say why you walked away. Perhaps you will give someone else the courage to step away from legalism. I am thankful you have found a place where your faith can grow. They say we all have “balcony people”–people in our balcony who cheer us on in life. I am in your balcony, to cheer you on, pray for you, and thank God for all that he has done for you. The gifts, graces and talents that He has given you are so wonderful, and you are using them in beautiful ways.
    Blessings on you. Charge on! Hugs!!! –Gwen

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