A Little Drive Goes A Long Way

So I went for a drive last night and on the way back to my house I took a road that had twisties because driving through twisties in a little hothatch has become a real thing for me.

The object of the game is to do double what the speed limit is around the curve if you can safely.

Unfortunately this time there was traffic barring my way. However, there was a Challenger in front of me who managed to find a hole and slip out into the freedom beyond so I followed him through said hole.

This quickly turned into a racing game as the Challenger noticed I was in hot pursuit.

I do not have the horsepower that the Challenger has, but I am nimble and light and was able to give him a bit of a run for his money. He still beat me and that’s fine because I wasn’t in it to win it.  I was really just in it to have fun.

As I pulled up next to him at the stoplight I realized that he was the same Challenger I raced a few weeks ago so I rolled down my window and smiled and waved  before turning down other street.

My adrenaline must have kicked in because I noticed that I was shaking when I tried to voice message my husband about the fun I had just had.

I also noticed that my head was clear and my anxiety was gone. The thoughts that had been plaguing me all day long just dissipated  into thin air.

This calmness remained even after the adrenaline wore off for the next few hours and I was able to enjoy some peace.

One thing I have never talked about on my blog is my love of cars. I believe this is due to the fact that my ex-husband thought it was stupid and would not allow me to entertain the hobby and as a Mennonite it is considered a worldly possession, an idol that should not be “worshiped” or entertained, and something that generally goes against the standards of living, holiness, righteousness, and upstanding membership.

Having been freed from those prisons and meeting and marrying my current husband has allowed me to begin to be myself again.

He is a car enthusiast himself and encourages my enthusiasm in cars.  I am learning how to work on my own vehicle. I am learning how to identify various vehicles, motors, car parts, etc.

Most importantly, I think, I am learning how to be a better driver so that I can enjoy my hobby, the things that I build, my hard work, and my general love of all things automotive.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I share this post (and many future posts I’m sure) about becoming myself again, about doing the things that I love, and about being who I actually am as I learn (or relearn maybe) about myself.

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