Thanks, but NO THANKS


That douchebag? That fuck boy from back east? Yeah, that one – HE’S MY FUCKING FIANCÉ!!

The only man who EVER considered me WORTHY & VALUABLE enough to him to get down on ONE knee and ask me to spend the rest of my life with him.

The ONLY man who OPENLY cares for me: opens AND closes my door for me EVERY.DAMN.TIME I get into or out of a car or building;
ASKS me if I’m okay or what I need and offers to do whatever it takes to make me feel whole again.

He’s the ONLY man, the ONLY person I have EVER felt peace with; the only human on this planet who finishes my sentences, completes my thoughts, and encourages my sobriety.
He is my whole everything, my entire being.

So yeah, say what you will, but we all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and your sudden need to wear flat-billed hats, talk about doing drag racing, possibly buying a motorcycle, and becoming a “Mormon” (pssssst… we are Latter Day Saints) ??

Well, you couldn’t imitate harder if you tried…

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