Another Good Day

I want another good day.
Full of laughs, smiles, and prayers.
Full of hope for the future….
and for the now.
Full of LOVE for Christ, Salvation, Resurrection, REDEMPTION…
For living fully with Christ in this life.
Don’t judge any other denomination for their “weird rituals”
For they are doing the best with what they’ve been given to spread the Gospel
And bring people to Jesus
and salvation.
I am so impressed by my brothers’ zeal for life and the Gospel
for their eagerness to share all they know in hopes that
One soul will hear the call.
They get out and suffer rejection everyday,
persecution for preaching their beliefs
And I am inspired
to learn and to do God’s work as He leads
to show people the real me….
My weird zeal for theology
My love for experiencing Christ with and through others
I don’t believe I could ever be Mormon, but I could definitely spend time with them and learn of them…
Their love for Christ is TRUE AND RUNS DEEP
I can feel it when I am around them
It convicts and inspires me.
April 24, 2019

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