I had a conversation with a person today about Christianity. She was not impressed with the experience she had the day before with another Christian who was very preachy and pushy.  It saddened me to hear that this representative of Christ was so hardcore as to put down other humans for not being Christian and to leave such an impression in this woman I spoke to.  The whole thing made me think about the representation Christianity leaves on the world today.  Is it a truly Christlike example or is it hard, pushy, hypocritical?

Are we Christlike toward the Muslims seeking refuge in this country? Or are we too worried about saving our own tails?

Am I Christlike to the lady in line behind me at the grocery store, with her sweatpants, ratty hair, and  four children from different fathers, or do I sneer down my pious little nose at her poor life choices?

Am I Christlike to the coworker who annoys me or do I just pray for the day of his firing to come sooner?

What about you?

Do you let your life circumstances cloud your judgment in how you react to others?

What about the Mennonites, Kelsi?  How long will it take for you to forgive and let go? How long til you don’t see a black cap and sneer in your subconscious? How long until you forgive as Christ forgave you?
Let it go.

Let it go.
Give it to God!

Jesus died for us

You are good enough!  Just as you are.

Just as you are.


He knows.

Give it to Him.
All these battles and troubles and trials are just the devil cuz he knows Christ has got you.


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