This is Fall

Today, I am thankful for Fall…..

Silver Moon Rising. Kelsi Meireis.2015

The light is warm,
The shadows are long,
The moon is full.
This is Fall.

Grain bins drying,
Crickets chirping,
Birds twittering.
This is Fall.

The cool breeze ruffles,
The day is waning,
The sun is dying,
The night comes on.
This is Fall.

Golden light turns bright pink,
Doves coo their goodnight song,
My heart beats in my eardrums,
This is Fall.

Cool, quiet, calm, and peaceful.
Life settles in for the night.
Warmth and love spread cheer all around.
This is Fall.

©Kelsi Meireis

Cast your cares upon Him for He careth for you….

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