Be Sure of Your View

There you stand,
Believing your vision is clear because you assume you stand on flat land.
Consoled by your thoughts,
You think you see,
The path set out before you clearly.
What you do not see are the kinks and turns,
The valleys among the hills,
that the path must go through.
Step back before you begin.
Look. —
For a truly clear view.
See those hill before you that hide the mountain,
that monster inside you.

Wrote this a month or so before I was expelled. Although I am not sure what I meant of it then, today it talks to me of life, of sins … Some hidden in plain sight. Kind of like our lake out here in No Man's Land. The highway runs pretty much right by it, but one cannot see it from there. Looking out, the land looks completely flat. There is nothing to give away the valley, really, unless you know what you are looking for.
I was reading about Ananias and Sapphira this morning and how they tried to hide their sin; how they didn't fear God (you can read about them in Acts 5:1-16). On the outside, they were rich and sold all they had to give to the disciples to aid with the early Church….this looked lovely to humans….from a human perspective.
To God it was disgusting…. I mean who am I to judge or say how He felt regarding the situation, but they fell over dead so I'm assuming He wasn't too happy about the whole ordeal. One thing I learned from this story is don't try to hide my sin, especially from God. He can see it anyway. My efforts to hide it just make it worse, it doesn't take it away or mean I don't have to deal with it.
Another thing I learned is that we (as human beings) do not always see the danger right in front of us; we don't see the valley before we are in it. Ananias and Sapphira certainly didn't. They probably thought it was okay to keep some for themselves, but then there was this nagging little feeling that mayyyybbbbeeeee they shouldn't so rather than admit that and talk it over, they hid some. Bet that nagging feeling didn't dissipate…. In fact I bet it grew…ALOT.
Makes you wonder how they could smile and tell Peter, “But of course this is all we have!!” …..
Oh, wait. Yes I do. I used to do it… In my late teens and early twenties…. When I was a mess and thought I could get away with stuff as long as no one found out….. Thank goodness I didn't not have to learn the way Ananias and Sapphira did..
Happy Wednesday dear readers!

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