Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!
You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You’re on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”
–Dr. Suess

Last Monday I began a new era in my life; One that I want God to lead and to succeed in. I have begun the process of furthering my education with the goal of helping others in mind.  That stinky ole devil has been at me for the last week and a half, “You won’t write correctly, or format correctly.  You don’t know how to do any of that.  And when it is wrong you won’t receive any credit for all your hard work and you WILL fail.”

 Anyone ever have those thoughts before??  Well just do what I did and kick him out of your head.  He has NO RIGHT to stay if you cast him out in Jesus’s name!  There are many hurdles and obstacles in my path; some stand out to me and others I’m sure I do not see, but I am confident with God on my side that I WILL succeed and you can have that confidence too.  Just know that God loves you!  Just as you are, however you look, wherever you are sitting or standing, at this moment in your life, HE LOVES YOU!

God works in wondrous ways sometimes.  My daughter called me to her the other day to tell me to read this article in an “Enjoying Everyday Life” magazine I have.  She is merely 8 years old and I’m not sure she understood what she was asking me to read, but for some reason, she was adamant that I read this one page, right here!  So I took the magazine in hand and read the first paragraph, which reads as follows:

God has great plans for our lives.  It’s exciting when He puts dreams and desires in our hearts, but it can also be challenging.  Because fear always comes against us when we try new things.  That’s how the enemy tries to keep us from moving forward—through fear.  But instead of giving in to our fears,we can choose to be bold, confident and courageous through Christ.  (Meyer, 2014, p. 21) 

This! From my 8-year-old?!  It was God, my Father, speaking words of encouragement to me through her.  The devil has me caught in the thought that any dream or aspiration I have is of myself and not placed there by a divine hand.  In that I fail, because I cannot do it of myself.  I am simply not self-motivated enough.

I went back to that article a little later in the day and finished reading it.  God continued to bring thoughts and ideas that had never occurred to me before.  Rather than paraphrase I will just jot down some of the quotes that impressed me:

“But as for you,

the anointing which you received from Him

abides [permanently] in you….”

I John 2:27 

I want you to let that sink in: God’s anointing abides permanently in you.  (Meyer, 2014, p. 21)

God’s anointing abides permanently in me?!  Why have I never realized that? 

People and things are anointed to symbolize the introduction of a sacramental or divine influence, a holy emanation, spirit, power or God.  (Wikipedia, n.d.)

A divine influence over my life…. God is influencing my life? God is influencing my life!!

I encourage you to trust that what you feel down deep in your heart really is God.  (Meyer, 2014, p. 21) 

What I feel down deep in my heart is that I am supposed to counsel; guide people to Him.  I have always known that God has something great for me to do while here.  More than just keep home (though that is a noble calling and I don’t want to diminish that); More than just be a wife.  I am beginning to see clearly the gifts God has given me and how I am supposed to use them for His glory. 

It’s actually a great privilege not to live based on what your circumstances are, but according to God’s Word and the vision He has planted in your heart.  (Meyer, 2014, p. 21)

Live according to the vision He has planted in my heart and His Word? Why, I’d love to!

God may not show you the complete picture of what He’s calling you to do before you even get started.  But He will guide each small step that you take.  (Meyer, 2014, p. 21) 

Think what a beautiful thing it will be to look back at your life and remember the journey you’ve had with God; to celebrate the ways He has worked in your life.  (Meyer, 2014, p. 22)

…when God starts you on His path, it’s hard to see the enormity of His vision for your life.  If you choose to follow that vision, you’ll be met with plenty of opposition, but you will never regret following God.  In fact, the only thing we ever have to be concerned about in life is, Am I following God? (Meyer, 2014, p. 22) 

Guidance.  Vision.  Life.   God.  God’s guidance will lead me to completing His vision in my life.

If you feel something strongly in your heart, step out and find out.  (Meyer, 2014, p. 22)

I am.  I have.  It’s scary.  My flesh is biting me.  Every step of the way.  The devil is right there telling me how I am being proud thinking that I know what God’s plan for my life is; telling me that even if it is His plan I’ll never make it; to quit while I am ahead.

 And all I have to say to him is, SHUT UP!!  Jesus died for me so that I can live BOLDLY through Him!  I KNOW WHEN GOD IS SPEAKING TO ME.  I FEEL IT.  WITH MY WHOLE BEING.   THIS is NOT of me.  To me, It looks like work; it looks like something I can’t do.  BUT, there is GOD, telling me I CAN do it; I WILL succeed; to NOT give up.

If God is speaking to you like this, LISTEN TO HIM!  He will never lead us astray.  He loves you!


Rebuke the devil.

With Jesus on our side, we WILL win.


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