What Has Inspired Me Today

I’m listening to a Bible teaching and two things have inspired me so far and I thought, I want to write them down, but I also want to share them with you so here goes:

1. Instead of feeling bad when I sin and I know that I have sinned, I should be thankful that I know that I’ve sinned because if I know that I sinned then I can begin to realize it and keep from doing it in the future….
Instead I spend all this time feeling terrible and putting myself down and making myself out to be a horrible person because I did something bad or something I knew I shouldn’t have done when I could just accept the fact and ask forgiveness and move on.
I can rightfully do this because Jesus died for me, for every sin I have ever committed or will ever commit…ever…. during the entire duration of my life. He already paid the price for it and all I have to do is admit I was wrong and ask forgiveness and I can go on.
I don’t have to sit there and try to fix it. I don’t have to try to remedy it. I don’t have to try to do anything because there is nothing that I of myself can do to fix it. I don’t need to even try! That is an amazing feeling! It’s kind of hard to grasp the concept and I’m still working at it.
The devil has the stronghold in my brain that consists partly of “I have to try and fix everything… I have to be good enough… I have to do this… I have to do that…. or God won’t love me. I have to be the perfect Christian…. I have to be the perfect church member… Etc.” that I am still struggling out of, but this is going to help me.

2. As long as I don’t know God’s word, really know it (understand it &c.), and what he promises and says the enemy can lie to me and I won’t know it! That ass of a devil can lie to my face about God and his plan for me and more than likely I’ll believe every word because I won’t know any different.
This has struck me! I am just flabbergasted. How stupid is it that I have the truth before me and yet just because I didn’t want to read or study or learn a little bit I let the enemy lie to me, set another stronghold in my mind, and I don’t even care because I don’t know it. I think that’s a major playing card of his, keep me ignorant… keep me from God and the life He has planned for me.
Just something to keep in mind. I have to run. Evening chores are upon me and it is getting late! Good night loves!

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