What is a lie?
What does it consist of exactly?
Are lies only the complete untruth or is a half truth a lie also?
Is it a lie only when it comes out of my mouth?
If you say the same thing why isn’t it a lie?

If you tell me that you are going fishing at one lake tonight and are actually planning to go to another, is that a lie? I am really confused here because I feel like that is a lie, but you say every bit of it is the truth, it just lacks details.

Is that not manipulation?

And then you tell me that if my IQ is so high why can’t I figure it out and why is it still over my head.

How am I suppose to figure you out when all you ever do is lie and manipulate me? How am I suppose to know what is the truth and what isn’t?

I trust you to speak the truth to me and I believe everything you say…….and you know that.

You have always known that.

I guess when it comes right down to it I have always known that you never tell me the whole truth, and so it really is all my own fault for getting so hurt every time you lie to me and remind me how stupid I am.

And you’re right. Why would it ever be your fault when I am the gullible, stupid girl I have always been. I am the one who hasn’t learned from her mistakes. I am the one who continues to trust and love, never considering the possibility of the fact that it might actually be your fault.

Because it is my fault and will ever continue to be.

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