What Do You Know

It has been brought to my attention that you know.
Or, at least, you think you do.
What do you know of me?
Of who I was; who I am; who I will be?

Your perceived notions are full of holes,
Placed there by your dislike, nay, your hate of me.
What have I done to deserve such enmity?

I will tell you what.
I have been human; prone to fall and fail. Repeatedly.
Forgiveness seems out of the question for you.

What makes your judgments final?
Your knowledge law?
Your authority above that of God’s?
Who are you to hold me accountable for things I have not done save maybe in your head?

Let’s get over this.
I hold you for nothing.
 I wish you only peace for your rotting heart;
Which it is.
 It must be for all the animosity you hold against me.
Filled with rancor you will never heal.
So let go and live.

© Kelsi M. Meireis

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